Working Papers

Launched in 2010, the University of Michigan Working Papers in Museum Studies serve as an outlet for museum scholars and professionals and advanced students to report on ongoing research and present new theoretical arguments in a peer-reviewed on-line publication. These papers—which derive from public presentations on the University of Michigan campus, faculty research, and the doctoral project of University of Michigan Museum Studies students—provide an opportunity for MSP to disseminate our distinctive “critical practice” perspective to the larger museum and heritage community through presenting exciting and provocative new scholarship that integrates theory and practice in the study of museums.

Number 12, Welcoming All Visitors: Museums, Accessibility, and Visitors with Disabilities
Caroline Braden, University of Michigan
Number 11 Psychological Flow and the Numinous Museum Experience
Kiersten F. Latham, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University
Number 10, Sacred Trees of the Savè Hills Cultural Landscape
Andrew W. Gurstelle, University of Michigan
Number 9, Building Bodies in the Australian Periphery: The Enactment of Aboriginality in Tasmania
Christopher Berk, University of Michigan
Number 8, Materiality Matters: Experiencing the Displayed Object
Sandra Dudley, University of Leicester
Number 7, Multiculturalism and Museums in China
Keun Young Kim, University of Michigan
Number 6, Aligning Museum Building Projects with Institutional Goals
Ipek Kaynar Rohloff, Mount Holyoke College
Number 5, Wanting to Be Third on Your Block
Elaine Heumann Gurian, Senior Museum Consultant
Number 4, Civilizing the Guam Museum
Christine DeLisle, University of Michigan
Number 3, Museums, Histories and the Dilemmas of Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Leslie Witz, University of the Western Cape
Number 2, Virtual Experiments: Reflections on the Museum in the Virtual Realm
Alice Mae Goff, University of California, Berkeley
Number 1, An Agenda for American Museums in the 21st Century

Harold Skramstad, President Emeritus, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

In Fall 2015, we launched a new series of working papers: Museum Studies Working Papers: Future Leaders, which features the work of talented U-M undergraduates who have undertaken substantive research on museum and heritage topics.
Future Museum Leaders 1 Managing Michigan’s Underwater Heritage: The Past, Present, and Future of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Leah R. Burgin, University of Michigan
Future Museum Leaders 2 Rediscovering Sephardic Catalonia: Heritage and the Museum of Jewish History in Girona
James Nadel, University of Michigan