Capstone Projects Engaging Museums

The museum capstone project serves as one of the focal points of the Graduate Certificate Program’s two-term proseminar in museum history and theory. As students move from abstract thinking to concrete discussions of the challenges facing museums, the semester-long, team-based project focuses attention on addressing specific needs identified by our local museum partners. Projects may include: helping museums and collecting institutions to design a new exhibition or update an old one; assisting museums to develop strategies to expand visitor experiences, improve collection care, or reach new audiences; or working with institutions to enhance their digital presence; among many other possible topics.

Integrating classroom theory with the needs and resources of actual museums, students work under the direction of program faculty and museum staff to address a real life challenge currently being faced by the host institution. Proposals developed by MSP graduate students are presented to the local museum community at the end of the academic year, and students also travel back to the museum hosts to make an on-site presentation.

We extend our thanks to the many institutions acknowledged here for their generous support of the Museum Studies Program.


Community Neighborhood Preservation in Detroit: Tools and Strategies for Engagement in Walking Tours

Toni Irma Guzman, Briana Kemmerling, Skyler Leslie, Leopoldo Martinez
Partner: Detroit Historical Museum and the Woodbridge Neighborhood Development
Liaisons/Mentors: Tracy Irwin, Richard Bachmann

Challenge:  To identify best practices for the management of a digital community archive, oral histories, and community-donated materials, for future development into a walking tour of Detroit’s historic Woodbridge Neighborhood.

Art for All: Reimagining Access at UMMA

Fatimah Alhawary, Samantha Farmer, Jack Schmitt
Partner: UM Museum of Art
Liaisons/Mentors: Katie Prichard, Corey Gross, Katie Stadtmiller

Challenge:  To enhance UMMA’s Rights and Reproductions policy by identifying best practices and investigating models of open access.

Shifting the Focus: Centering Indigenous and DEI Practices in UMMAA’s Collection Management Policy

Lauren Alberti, Caroline Everts, Erin Leary, Hadeel Saad
Partner:  UM Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
Liaisons/Mentors:  Andrea Blaser, Michael Galaty, Jim Moss


Expanding Narrating Nubia‘s Network: Best Practices for Online Exhibition and Access

Toni Herzig-Deribin, Tessa Oliveira, Abigail Staub
Partner:  Narrating Nubia Humanities Collaboratory
Liaisons/Mentors: Geoff Emberling, Shannon Ness, Bailey Franzoi

Challenge:  To develop robust resources and best practice recommendations for the development of an online component of the Narrating Nubia exhibition, to be held in UM’s Duderstadt Center in Fall 2023.

Managing the Marionettes: The Bixby Trust Collection

Basmah Arshad, Hayley Crowell, Katie Kasperian
Partner:  Saline Arts & Culture Committee
Liaisons/Mentors: Katherine Downie

Challenge:  To develop a long-term collections management plan for the Bixby Trust Collection and to refine the museum’s narrative and overall mission for future grant acquisition.

Marking the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum‘s 25th Anniversary

Hannah Edwards, Charlotte Juergens, Shiyuan Wang
Partner:  Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum
Liaisons/Mentors:  Megan McAdow, Geoffe Haney

Challenge:  To identify and propose programming to boost both local engagement Marking the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum’s 25th Anniversary with the museum and international recognition of the museum and Marshall Fredericks’ legacy.

A Small Place with a Deep History: Exhibition Strategies for the Rehabilitated Blue Bird Inn

Denisa Glacova, Mia Glionna, Ekaterina Shipyatsky
Partner:  Detroit Sound Conservancy
Liaisons/Mentors: Jonah Raduns-Silverstein, Michelle Jahra McKinney

Challenge:  To develop an exhibition strategy for the Blue Bird Inn – a small place with a deep history – that meets its needs as Detroit’s only music archive, event venue, and reclaimed public hearth.


Deaccessioning Out Loud at UMMA

Katelin Mikos, Emily Na, Chuyi Zhu
Partner: University of Michigan Museum of Art
Liaisons/Mentors: Laura De Becker, Roberta Frey Gilboe, Katie Prichard

Challenge: To identify objects in UMMA’s collection that have either never been accessioned or never been displayed and to make recommendations for a three-year collections plan with an emphasis on public-facing deaccessioning.

Forward Motion: Expanding the Educational Breadth of the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Leila Braun, Sony Prosper, Estrella Salgado, Taylor West
Partner: Ford Piquette Avenue Plant Museum
Liaisons/Mentor: Jill Woodward

Challenge: To propose educational materials and tour resources to enhance Ford Piquette’s educational programs.

Realigning the Rails: The Opportunities of  Reopening at the Southern Michigan Railroad Society

Melissa Gryan, Chad Machinski, Gala Patenkovic
Partner: Southern Michigan Railroad Society
Liaisons/Mentors: Ted Delphia, Jason Mifsud

Challenge: To develop recommendations for fundraising, collections management, and educational community engagement for a railway organization recovering after Covid closures.

Marking Time:  Reimagining Detroit’s Historical Markers

Bailey Franzoi, Mona Hagmagid, Pelle Tracey
Partner: Michigan Historical Commission
Liaisons/Mentors: Timothy Chester, Sandra Clark, Michelle Davis, Brian Egen

Challenge: To make Detroit’s historical markers more representative and inclusive, through evaluating the current application and approval process.


The Belle Isle Aquarium: A Site of Living Detroit History

Richard Bachmann, Barbara Caballero, Heidi Hilliker
Partner: Belle Isle Conservancy
Liaisons/Mentors: Celina Domagalski and Amy Emmert

Challenge:  To develop an archive and an interpretive plan proposal that reflects the multifaceted history of the Belle Isle Aquarium.

Revitalizing the RMC: Articulating a Shared, Collective Vision of the Research Museum Center to the Michigan Academic Community

Albert Cavallaro, Angie Feak, Veronica Williamson
Partner:  University of Michigan Research Museum Center
Liaisons/Mentors:  Andrea Blaser (UMMAA), Benjamin Hess (RMC), Adam Rountrey (RMC), and Amy Harris (UMMNH).

Challenge:  To identify current usage barriers and to develop recommendations for forging meaningful connections between the Research Museum Center and its University of Michigan communities.

Detroit’s Central Market Vegetable Building Transplanted in Greenfield Village

Kathleen Brown, Ayana Curran-Howes, Laurel Fricker, Antonello Mastronardi
Partner:  The Henry Ford
Liaisons/Mentors: Debra Reid, Jeanine Head Miller, Jim Johnson

Challenge:  To develop a script conveying the sociopolitical complexity of the Central Market Vegetable Building through the eyes of a historical market character that will debut Spring of 2022.


“City of Champions: Detroit and the Olympics” Exhibit at the Detroit Public Library

Andrew Crocker, Chelsea Hendrus, Jiangyun Li
Partner:  Detroit Public Library
Liaison/Mentor: Stefan Szymanski, Professor of Kinesiology, University of Michigan

Challenge:  To develop educational materials to accompany a proposed exhibition on Detroit’s failed bids for the Olympics.

Detroit Historical Society: Re-Imaging The Streets of Old Detroit

Belinda Bolivar, Eryn Talevich, Hannah Hoover
Partner:  Detroit Historical Society
Liaison/Mentor:  Elana Rugh, President and CEO, Detroit Historical Society

Challenge:  To develop recommendations for replacing the museum’s legacy exhibit, “The Streets of Old Detroit”

Arab American National Museum: Best Practices for Using Maps in Museums

Comfort Mtotha, Caroline Nemechek, Alexandria Rayburn
Partner:  Arab American National Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Diana Abouali, Director, Arab American National Museum

Challenge:  To develop recommendations for replacing an interactive map of the Arab world used to orient visitors to the museum.

Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center: Deploying ‘Stories from Main Street’

Caitlin Dyche, Mark Ramirez
Partner:  Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center
Liaison/Mentor:  Sarah Waters, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Challenge:  To optimize access to a collection of oral histories about life in small towns through the museum’s website.


Combining the Subjective and the Objective: Assessing Visitor Motivation at UMMA

Tori Cox, Kimberly Ransom, Tina Tahir
Partner:  University of Michigan Museum of Art
Liaison/Mentor: David Choberka, Research Area Specialist Associate

Challenge:  To enhance the museum’s outreach to its constituent communities by identifying best practices for visitor study and formal program evaluation.

Interpreting Incarceration: U.S. Prison Museums and Their Publics

Eimeel Castillo Dona, Emily Cornish
Partner:  Cell Block Seven
Liaison/Mentor:  Brad Collins, Museum Manager

Challenge:  To identify available literature/best practice research on other prison museums to inform the future development of Jackson’s Cell Block 7 Prison Museum.

Curating Exhibition, Education, and Engagement at the Detroit Observatory

Emily Finch, Erin Johnston-Weiss, Aleksandra Kuznetsova
Partner:  Detroit Observatory
Liaison/Mentor: Gary Krenz (Director of Post-Bicentennial Planning at the Bentley Historical Library)

Challenge:  To advise education and outreach uses for an addition to the University’s oldest academic building and to identify appropriate topics to be highlighted in new exhibits.

Cobblestone Farm:  Connecting Past and Present in the Wood Shed Space

Alexandra Norwood, Alice Register, Lucy Smith
Partner:  Cobblestone Farm
Liaison/Mentor:  Kevin Gilson (Board Member)

Challenge:  To transform an outdoor wood storage shed into additional exhibition space to be publicly available year round.


Building Bridges: Diversifying Audience at the Mott-Warsh Collection

Stephanie Brown, Isabelle Gillet, Colin Walker
Partner:  Mott-Warsh Collection
Liaison/Mentor:  Stephanie James (Director, Curator & Collections Educator)

Challenge:  Finding ways to help a contemporary African American art gallery to reach new and diversified audiences.

Contemporary Voices in Historic Frames: Engaging Community at the Historic Mann House in Concord, MI

Stacey Bishop, Alexandra Creola, Jeremy York
Partner:  Michigan History Center
Liaison/Mentor:  Suzanne Fischer (Museum Director)

Challenge:  Finding ways to enhance visitor and community engagement at a small historic home in rural Michigan.

Applewood Estate and North Flint: Historic Preservation and Community Revitalization

Onyx Henry, Christopher Mulvey, Katie Stadtmiller
Partner:  Applewood Estate
Liaison/Mentor:  Megan McAdow (Director of Collections & Education)

Challenge:  Creating a resource guide to assist Applewood Estate in taking the message of historic preservation to north Flint.

Is a Barn Just a Barn?  Building a Museum for Carver Camp

Carolyn Gennari, Rashun Miles, James Munene
Partner:  Carver Camp
Liaison/Mentor:  Royster Harper (Vice President, Student Life, University of Michigan)

Challenge:  Designing a long term strategy that will lead to an on-site museum for a metropolitan Detroit church day camp in Grass Lake, MI.


Beyond the Stars: Re-imagining Space at MSU’s Abrams Planetarium

Carolyn Clayton, Christina DiFabio, Rebecca Kon
Partner:  Abrams Planetarium, Michigan State University
Liaison/Mentor:  Shannon Schmoll (Director and MSP alumnus)

Challenge:  Reconceptualize the planetarium’s historical black light gallery to make it more engaging; develop options for the new design that could be effected at multiple price points.

Finding Center: Mission and Development at the Cranbrook Center for Collections Research

Charles Gushue, Grace Mahoney, and Mary Pena
Partner:  Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research
Liaison/Mentor: Greg Wittkopp (Director)

Challenge:  Assist the new Center in developing models for its organizational vision and the form and structure of its educational programs, considering its position within the large and multi-faceted Cranbrook Campus.

Home Galleries and Dialogues: Re-contextualizing West African Art at the Toledo Museum of Art

Timothy C. Hart, Mariane Stanev, and Felix Zamora-Gomez
Partner: Toledo Museum of Art
Liaison/Mentor: Halona Norton-Westbrook (Director of Collections)

Challenge:  Develop recommendations for a new permanent display of the Museum’s African art collection; consider innovative ways to present and contextualize the collection to an audience expected to be largely unfamiliar with African artistic traditions.

Bringing It All Together: Four Fields Collection Case

Roxana Aras, Zoe Jenkins, and Zachary Kopin
Partner: University of Michigan Museum of Natural History
Liaison/Mentor: Melissa Westlake (Exhibit Developer)

Challenge:  Make recommendations for the rotating “Windows on the Collections” case in the new UM Museum of Natural History; develop a realistic timetable and process for collaboration among the five museums represented in this case; make recommendations for potential future exhibitions.


Hospital Arts Bedside Museum Program

Allan Martell, Amy Albanese, Michael Pascual
Partner:  U-M Gifts of Art Program
Liaison/Mentor: Elaine Sims (Director)

Challenge:  Assist U-M Hospital’s Gifts of Art program to develop a program to bring museum content to bed-ridden hospital patients.

“The Art of Making”: Designing an Interactive Exhibit for Pewabic’s Museum

Hannah McMurray, Sarah McLusky, Shannon Ness
Partner:  Pewabic Pottery
Liaison/Mentor: Steve McBride (Director)

Challenge:  To design an interactive exhibition that explores the creative process and the making of Pewabic pottery.

Re-creating a Thriving Gallery Space at the U-M Detroit Center

Crystal Labrosse, Kyle Frisina, Timnet Gedar
Partner:  U-M Detroit Center
Liaison/Mentor: Addell Anderson (Director)

Challenge:  To plan a season of 8-10 exhibitions for the 2017 calendar year related to the U-M Bicentennial and assist the U-M Detroit Center in long range planning for its exhibition space.

Re-imagining the Motown Museum for Future Generations

Lauren Stamm, Megan Berkobien, Susan Dine
Partner:  Motown Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Sharri Watkins (Human Resources Manager)

Challenge:  To develop recommendations for the Museum to redesign its activities to convey the Motown story for young visitors (K-8).


The Yankee Air Museum Modular Experience

Caitlin Clerkin, Elspeth Geiger, Benjamin Tupper
Partner: The Yankee Air Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Julie Osborne (Conservator)

Challenge: To assist the Museum in rethinking its current exhibition space to serve needs for moveable exhibitions while also improving flow patterns and creating spatial divisions within the hangar.

Teaching an Old Tour New Tricks: Engaging Contemporary Audiences at Meadow Brook Hall

Kelly Fabian, Katy Holihan, Rachel Miller
Partner: Meadow Brook Hall
Liaison/Mentor: Madelyn Rzadkowolski (Curator)

Challenge: To assist the staff of Meadow Brook Hall in updating and refocusing their general docent led tour to increase visitor engagement.

The Stearns Collection: 80 years of the Green Hornet

Calder Fong, Alicia Juillet, Amanda Respess
Partner: University of Michigan Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments
Liaison/Mentor: Christopher Dempsey (interim Curator)

Challenge:  To design an exhibition celebrating the Green Hornet Radio Show for Hill Auditorium, to feature the Stearns theremin.

House of Art/House as Art: The Charles Lang Freer House

Rebecca Bloom, Rachel Chamberlain, Craig Harvey
Partner: The Charles Lang Freer House
Liaison/Mentor: William Colburn (Director)

Challenge: To conceptualize and propose a design for a visitors’ center and entry exhibition in a new exhibition space.


Evaluating Digital Learning Tools for the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Jeremy Golubcow-Teglasi, Nicholas Malzahn, Andrea Rottmann, Alice Tsay
Partner: University of Michigan Museum of Natural History
Liaison/Mentor: Amy Harris (Director)

Challenge: To assist the Museum to develop a framework for incorporating technology into its new museum building and exhibitions.

Making the Voigt House Vital (Grand Rapids Public Museum)

Rebecca Cassidy, Alison Rittershaus, Caitlin Townsend
Partner: Grand Rapids Public Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Marilyn Merdzinski (Director of Education, Collections and Interpretation)

Challenge: To assist the Grand Rapids Public Museum in making a determination about the future relevance and role of the historic Voigt House.

History in the Twenty-First Century: Rethinking the Jackson County History Exhibition at the Ella Sharp Museum

Caroline Braden, Christina Ladkau, Molly Malcolm
Partner: Ella Sharp Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Amy Reimann (Director)

Challenge: To help the staff of the Ella Sharp Museum to redesign its exhibition on historic Jackson County in order to update content, increase interactivity and create more dynamic and flexible spaces.


The School of Social Work Art and Research Collection: Social Justice Education in Practice

Catalina Esguerra, Naomi Herman-Aplet, Diana Sierra Becerra
Partner: School of Social Work
Liaison/Mentor: Dr. Larry M. Gant (Professor, School of Social Work)

Challenge: To develop recommendations for the better integration of the UM School of Social Work’s art collection into its educational mission.

Creating a Structure and Narratives for the Display Cases at the Crisler Center

Julie Feldt, Nickolas Krabbenhoeft, Emily Kutil
Partner: Intercollegiate Athletics at Crisler Center
Liaison/Mentor: Robert Rademacher (Associate Athletic Director – Facilities & Operations)

Challenge:  To assist the UM Athletic Department in developing an exhibition program for its display cases in Crisler Arena and design its first exhibition on UM alum Tom Harmon.

Ownership and Sustainability: Engaging the Community in the Hamtramck Historical Museum

Ana Maria Silva, Justin Meyer, Marisa Szpytman
Partner: Hamtramck Historical Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Greg Kowalski (Chairman, Hamtramck Historical Commission)

Challenge: To develop strategies and best practices for engaging Hamtramck’s diverse community in the new Hamtramck Historical Museum.

Personality Prints by Mary Sully

Katherine Carlton, Courtney Cottrell
Partner: LS&A Undergraduate Education
Liaison/Mentor: Phil Deloria (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education)

Challenge: To develop a conservation, exhibition, and cataloguing plan for a private art collection of artist’s Mary Sully’s “personality prints.”


Migrant Technologies: Documenting the Material Culture of Undocumented Border Crossing

Abigail Celis, Anna Topolska, Alisha Wessler
Partner: Undocumented Migration Project
Liaison/Mentor: Jason De Leon

Challenge:  Assist in the development of an exhibition for the Undocumented Migration project, a long-term anthropological study of undocumented migration between Mexico and the United States.

Bringing the Ancient World to Life at the Toledo Museum of Art: Generating Content for an In-gallery Digital Kiosk

Laura Alcantara, Sanam Arab, Jenny Kreiger, Kayla Romberger
Partner: Toledo Museum of Art
Liaison/Mentor: Carolyn Putney

Challenge: To develop content and identify resources for inclusion in an interactive kiosk on the ancient world for the Toledo Museum of Art.

The Scope of History: Exhibiting Historical Science at the Detroit Observatory

Keeley Briggs, Molly McGuire, Shannon Schmoll
Partner: Detroit Observatory
Liaison/Mentor: Karen Wight

Challenge: To create educational content and materials to help visitors interpret the Fitz telescope at the Detroit Observatory.


Fair Lane: Your Community Commons

Ashley Miller, KT Lowe
Partner: Fair Lane Estate
Liaison/Mentor: Susan McCabe

Challenge: Help the Fairlane Estate, historic home of Henry Ford, develop a plan to retain existing audiences while it attracts new members as it undergoes restoration and reorganization.

In the Eye of the Beholder: Perspectives on Objects from University of Michigan Museums

Gina Konstantopoulos, Emma Sachs, Katherine Larson
Partner: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Liaison/Mentor: Lauren Talalay

Challenge: Work with Kelsey Museum to design an object-oriented exhibition about ethics and collecting in the Museum.

Abracadabra: Michigan and Magic

Elizabeth Harmon, John Kannenberg, Joanna Steele
Partner: American Museum of Magic
Liaison/Mentor: Jeff Taylor

Challenge: Create a proposal for a new centerpiece exhibit for the American Museum of Magic.

Thoughtful Wandering & Playful Discovery at Leslie Science and Nature Center

Megan Banka, Reed Esslinger-Payet
Partner: Leslie Science and Nature Center
Liaison/Mentor: Greta Brunschwyler

Challenge: Assist the Leslie Science and Nature Center in developing new orientation and interpretive materials that will enrich visitors’ experience.


The University of Michigan Peace Corps 50th Celebration 2010

Andrew W. Gurstelle, Neha Paliwal, Alison Vacca
Partner: Bentley Historical Library
Liaison/Mentor: Fran Blouin

Harmonious Spaces: Freer’s Aesthetics of Display and Alumni Memorial Hall

Anna Wieck, Mei-Chen Pan, Sarah Gothie
Liaison/Mentor: William S. Colburn

Reframing Museum Typology: The Past and Future of the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Elizabeth Vandermark, Clara Cahill, Joseph Cialdella
Partner: Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Nancy Bryk

Private Collection, Public Aspirations: Raising the Profile of the Mott-Warsh Collection

Emma Wolman, Kristine Ronan
Partner: Mott Warsh Collection
Liaison/Mentor: Camille Brewer


True Crime: A History of Law and Disorder in Washtenaw County

Andrea McDonnell, Ricky Punzalan, Aimee VonBokel
Partner: Washtenaw County Historical Society
Liaison/Mentor: Susan Nenadic

The Peony Project Collaborative

Lea Bullard, Tiffany Chao, J. Amadeaus Scott
Partner: U-M Nichols Arboretum
Liaison/Mentor: David Michener

Archaeology! From Air, On Land, Under Sea

Luciana Aenasoaie, Christine Efta, Marc Levitt
Partner: U-M Museum of Anthropology
Liaison/Mentor: Carla Sinopoli


Creating the Blueprint for a Living Museum: The African American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenaw County Looks Forward

Helen Dixon, Monica Patterson
Partner: African American Cultural and Historical Museum of Washtenaw County
Liaison/Mentor: Marlys Deen

The Frontier University: Michigan in the Information Age

Jennifer Beyer, Alice Mae Goff
Partner: U-M Provost Office
Liaison/Mentor: John King

Life and Labor in Michigan’s Mining Communities

Christopher Berk, Lizzie Ehrenhalt, Tasha Rijke-Epstein
Partner: Michigan Historical Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Chris Dancisak

(Re)located Things: The Found Object in Africa

Monica Huerta, Lindsay Stern, Bea Zengotitabengoa
Partner: U-M Museum of Art
Liaison/Mentor: Ruth Slavin


The Rock: Canvas of a Community

Kelly Fayard, Mya Gosling, Anna Perricci
Partner: Ann Arbor District Library
Liaison/Mentor: Karen Schaefer and Terry Soave

The Social Museum: Creating a Third Space at The Henry Ford

Donald Buaku, Andrew Ciancia, Susan Frekko
Partner: The Henry Ford
Liaison/Mentor: Christian Overland, Patrick Reynolds, and Donna Braden

Running a Small Museum: It Isn’t Magic

Alison Byrnes, Jason Nargis, Tamara Shreiner
Partner: American Museum of Magic
Liaison/Mentor: Jim Klodzen

Illuminations: An Exhibit of Artwork in Light Media for the Toledo Museum of Art

Morgan Daniels, Ksenya Gurshtein, Keun Young Kim
Partner: Toledo Museum of Art
Liaison/Mentor: Jutta Page, Karen Serota, and Carolyn Putney


Woodward Avenue and Beyond: A History of the Michigan Department of Transportation

Chris Dempsey, Olga Khroustaleva, Katie Raff
Partner: Michigan Department of Transportation
Liaison/Mentor: Tony Kratofil and Deborah Deacon Odette

Inns, Islands, and Inbetweens: Fantasy and Adventure in Children’s Books at the University of Michigan’s Special Collections Library

Tina DeLisle, Leah Niederstadt, Kathy Zarur
Partner: U-M Special Collections Library
Liaison/Mentor: William Gosling

Compiling a Cornucopia: A Template for the Future of the Toledo Zoo Museum

Heloise Finch, Kelly Kirby, John Low, Hima Mallampati
Partner: Toledo Zoo
Liaison/Mentor: Mitch Magdich


Evolution as Evidence

Shannon Davis, Medha Tare, Jennifer Zee
Partner: U-M Exhibit Museum of Natural History
Liaison/Mentor: Amy Harris and David Mindell

Carved Gardens: The Matthaei Hosts a Syrian Monument

Lisa Cakmak, Guillermo Salas Carreno, Kathryn Marks Stine
Partner: U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Liaison/Mentor: David Michener

Painting the Big Picture:  The Civil War in Motion

Deirdre Hennebury, Lydia Herring, Diana Mankowski
Partner: The Henry Ford
Liaison/Mentor: Nancy Villa Bryk

Remembering/Reinventing Community: Chene Street, Detroit

Michael Andre, Ipek Kaynar, Erica Lehrer
Partner: U-M Business and Industrial Assistance Division, Steven M. Ross School of Business
Liaison/Mentor: Marian Krzyzowski


Spaces that Speak: Detroit’s (no so) Hidden Pasts

Leilani Dawson, Katie Johnson, Luna Khirfan
Partner: Detroit Historical Museum
Liaison/Mentor: James Conway

From the Earth to the Museum:  Archaeology and the Kelsey

Stacy Davidson, Cat Lyon, Despina Margomenou
Partner: U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
Liaison/Mentor: Elaine Gazda and Lauren Talalay

Saving the Exotic

David Choberka, Henrike Florusbosch, Nicole Sielken
Partner: Exhibit Museum of Natural History
Liaison/Mentor: Ray Silverman

SPAM: Sending People Annoying Mail

Meghan Glass, Leilah Lyons, Renee Miller
Partner: Ann Arbor Hands on Museum
Liaison/Mentor: Ray Silverman