Alumni Highlights

Students enter the MSP certificate program with many different interests and career goals. Some seek careers in museums; some in academia; others in libraries and archives, non-profit art organizations, and for-profit companies and firms. Whatever their goals, students have found pursuing the certificate a rewarding and productive experience that has helped them to clarify and prepare to meet their career goals. Below is just a sample of career highlights for some of our alumni.

(Note, this page is brand new in summer 2023, and we are currently working to populate it!)

Alumni Highlights
Name Cohort Position Institution
Rebecca Bloom MSP14 Assistant Director of Curatorial Affairs Southern Utah Museum of Art
Lisa Cakmak MSP04 Chair & Curator, Arts of the Ancient Mediterranean and Byzantium Art Institute of Chicago
Abigail Celis MSP11 Assistant Professor in Decolonial Art History and Museum Studies University of Montreal
Dave Choberka MSP03 Mellon Foundation Curator for University Learning and Programs UM Museum of Art
Courtney Cottrell [Gerzetich] MSP12 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Registrar Oneida Nation Museum
Helen Dixon MSP07 Assistant Professor, History Department; Affiliated faculty member, Religious Studies, Great Books, and Classics Programs East Carolina University
Alice Goff MSP07 Assistant Professor of German History University of Chicago
Andrew Gurstelle MSP09 Academic Director, Lam Museum of Anthropology; Associate Teaching Professor, Dept of Anthropology Wake Forest University
Aleksandra Kuznetsova MSP18 NHFP Sagan Fellow American Museum of Natural History
Leah Niederstadt MSP05 Associate Professor of Museum Studies & Curator of the Permanent Collection; Department of Visual Art and History of Art Wheaton College
Amadeaus Scott MSP08 NAGPRA Collections Manager University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
Marisa Szpytman MSP12 Associate Registrar Detroit Institute of Arts