Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective MSP Students

I have just been admitted to a graduate program at the University of Michigan. Can I apply for admission to the Museum Studies Program?

According to Rackham rules, students must complete at least one term of coursework in their primary degree program before they are eligible to apply to a certificate program. In rare exceptions, students may apply to join MSP during their first semester in their graduate program.  Please contact the MSP Director before submitting such an application.

I am a current U-M student. How do I apply to MSP?

The Museum Studies Program is administered by the Rackham Graduate School. Students already pursuing a graduate degree in a Rackham program at U-M must submit a Dual Admission application. There is no application fee. For item 9 on the form, supply the following information:

  • Program of Application: Museum Studies
  • Numeric code: 01690

Students already pursuing a graduate degree at U-M in a non-Rackham program must create an online account in ApplyWeb before completing the Rackham Graduate Program Application.  There is no application fee.  For “Graduate Program Information,” supply the following:

  • Intended Graduate Program: Museum Studies Certificate
  • Numeric Code: 01690

I am a current U-M student taking courses in my home program, and not yet admitted to MSP. Can courses I take before joining MSP qualify as MSP electives?

Yes. You may be able to count courses you take before admission to the Certificate program as electives. If the course has been previously approved as an elective, you merely have to complete the “Application for Elective Credit” form and hand it in to the MSP Director. Other courses may also be approved as electives by the Director. If the course does not appear on the list of approved courses, it still may qualify as an elective:

  1. If it had a significant museum studies component, for example, if your research paper or other course material focused substantially on museum-related topics;
  2. Or by reconsidering the course materials from a museum studies perspective through writing a brief reflective paper that integrates your prior work with relevant issues in Museum Studies. Please meet with the MSP director to determine whether your prior coursework will qualify as an elective, and what steps you need to take to get it approved.