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Museums today are more dynamic than ever: in addition to being a site for the collection, study, and exhibition of objects, they have become vital arenas for civic life and community participation. This blog brings together the Graduate Certificate Program and Undergraduate Minor in Museum Studies to share museum happenings, research, and commentary. Our goal is to connect members of the museum community both at UM and in Southeast Michigan more broadly. Check back regularly for student reflections, exhibition reviews, internship/practicum experiences, alumni spotlights, and more. To submit an entry for inclusion on this page, please contact us at

Taylor West – “Digital Redisplay at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History”

Digitization – the act of creating digital, virtual models of existing museum objects and displays – within the museum space can sometimes be a contentious topic. Curators and museum professionals champion the immersive experience that accompanies a traditional in-person visit, as many exhibits rely...