Winter 2020 Museums at Noon presentation schedule

March 13

Emily Cornish (PhD candidate, History of Art)

Collecting Oceania 


March 19

Jeremy York (PhD candidate, Information)

Preserving Context for Museum Collections: Implications, Challenges, Strategies


March 20

Bradley Taylor (Associate Director, Museum Studies Program)

Reconstructing History/Reimagining Originality: The Case of Henry Ford’s English Preservations


March 26

Christina DiFabio (PhD candidate, Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art & Archaeology)

Interdisciplinary College and Professional Learning at the Art Institute of Chicago


April 3

Calder Fong (PhD, German Languages and Literatures)

The Deluxe Engine: Lessons from the Life of an Industrial Heritage Object at The Henry Ford 


April 9

Susan Dine (PhD candidate, History of Art)

Museums and Movies: Reflecting and Shaping Cultural Perspectives 


April 10

Shannon Ness (PhD candidate, Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art & Archaeology)

Community Participation and Consultation: Developing a Heritage Center at El Kurru, Sudan


April 17

Sarah Waters (Education and Outreach Coordinator, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary)

Our National Marine Sanctuaries, Protecting America’s Underwater Treasures: A Survey of Michigan’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve


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