Tour of the “Secrets of State: The Declassified History of the Chilean Dictatorship” exhibition at Weiser Hall gallery


Exhibit tour:  Secrets of State:  The Declassified History of the Chilean Dictatorship

Friday, September 22 at 12:00 pm

Weiser Hall – II Gallery, Room 555 (5th Floor) (500 Church Street)

Join Eimeel Castillo (MSP18 alumna, curatorial assistant, and PhD candidate in History and Women’s & Gender Studies) for a tour of “Secrets of State:  The Declassified History of the Chilean Dictatorship” exhibition. The documents in this exhibit were declassified and made public as a result of years of research and FOIA advocacy by those promoting openness, particularly members of the National Security Archive. In the wake of the historic arrest in London of General Pinochet in October 1998, their efforts, among others, led President Bill Clinton to launch a special Chile Declassification Project in 1999 and the eventual release of over 24,000 formerly top secret documents.

Curated by Peter Kornbluh (Director of the Chile Documentation Project at the National Security Archive, an NGO dedicated to freedom of information and transparency), this exhibit was co-designed by Eimeel Castillo (Ph.D. Candidate in History and Women’s and Gender Studies) and Victoria Langland (Associate Professor of History).

Register in advance for the tour (space is limited).


Cosponsors: University of Michigan [Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; International Institute; College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; Office of Research; Department of History; Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies; Museum Studies Program; Institute for the Humanities] and Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice

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