The Museum Innovation Forum: Building More Equitable, Relevant and Impactful Museums – May 18, 2019

The Museum Innovation Forum: Building More Equitable, Relevant and Impactful Museums

New Orleans Jazz Museum

May 18, 2019 

Now, more than ever, museums are critically reflecting upon their practices and striving to adopt innovative approaches to their civic responsibilities. Whether the innovation is a new or enhanced technology, business model or service, museums are becoming more socially, culturally, environmentally and politically aware of their surroundings. From the devastating environmental crises to human rights abuses, violence, as well as racial and economic inequities, museums as civic institutions have a moral duty to take actions to make the world a better place.

How can museums be innovative in addressing social issues using both digital and non-digital tools? How are the organizational structures (i.e. values, behaviors and organizational design) hindering or helping museums achieve their aspirations as agents for social change? How can museums balance the need to increase earned revenues and their social objectives? How can museums establish sustainable relationships with communities of color, LGBTQ, and people with different abilities, and affirm their relevance as viable community partners? What strategies can museums adopt to be more inclusive and equitable organizations? How can museums decolonize their collections, narratives and representations in the physical and virtual spaces?

This Forum explores the role of contemporary museums in society. It assumes that the role of contemporary museums goes beyond the basic functions of collecting, exhibiting and interpreting cultural heritage. Looking both internally (within the museum) and externally, The Museum Innovation Forum will discuss digital, social and business model innovations from the museum sector and beyond which can help museums be more effective agents for social change.