Research project – Do museums impact their community?

Help measure the social impact of museums!

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is seeking volunteers to help better understand what the museum means to you.

The UMMNH is one of 38 museums selected to participate in the Measurement of Museum Social Impact (MOMSI) project—a national research study to evaluate the social impact museums have on their communities.

What’s involved?

  • Visit the museum 3 times between now and May 2022
  • Complete a 30-minute online survey regarding your experience

Who can participate?

Anyone 18 and older may complete the survey and qualify for a prize, but you can visit with your friends or your whole family. It’s always free!

  • First-time visitors
  • Regular visitors
  • Members

Why should I participate?

  • Be involved in a national research study
  • Help measure the impact of museums
  • Get a token of our appreciation
  • Visit cool dinosaurs, mammoths, and a real wolverine!

Want more info? Visit the Measurement of Museum Social Impact (MOMSI) project website.