Rackham Doctoral Intern Fellowship Program

Rackham is now accepting applications for our Winter 2024 Doctoral Intern Fellowship Program (RDIFP). The program has two ways to support students who want to pursue an internship as part of their doctoral studies:

1. Internships with Rackham Host Organizations: 

Doctoral candidates in any field can apply for winter term internships with a variety of host organizations where staff have put together exciting projects that provide opportunities for students to apply and learn new skills in diverse career contexts. Students receive a stipend at the currently established Rackham fellowship rate ($12,629.00) as well as GradCare and tuition coverage. Students can view the internships and apply through Rackham’s application portal. Deadline: October 6, 2023

2. Student-Identified Internship Funding: 

Doctoral candidates in any field can apply for funding to support an internship they have found at an organization of their choice. Students must apply through Rackham’s application portal. Deadline: October 30, 2023

Only doctoral candidates are eligible for Fall and Winter Term Doctoral Intern Fellowships. Students may only receive one RDIF during their graduate study at U-M. 

Our website has more information and application instructions for both program tracks. 

Rackham’s Internship Connection workshops, facilitated by the University Career Center, can assist applicants with putting together their materials and answering questions: 

Rackham staff Maggie Gardner (STEM), Joe Cialdella (HU/SS), and Jeremy Glover can answer any questions students or departments might have (rack-intern@umich.edu). Students can also schedule an individual appointment with one of Rackahm’s Graduate Career Counselors, Dr. Kirsten Elling or Dr. Tim Cavnar.