Faculty kudos!

Kudos to….  Kerstin Barndt (MSP Director) and David Michener (MSP Steering Committee), and Tony Kolenic (MSP Steering Committee) for being part of a project team that was recently awarded funding from the LSA Research Initiative.  The grants are part of the Meet the Moment Research Initiative, a new program focused on faculty research and scholarship across the liberal arts that address today’s most pressing societal issues with the intention of creating real, lasting change. 

Project name:  Meeting the Mnomen: Restoration of wild rice populations for environmental and social justice

Description:  This project explores wild rice restoration in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens’ Willow Pond at the University of Michigan.  The team will evaluate water, sediment and biodiversity by examining the Mnomen plant. The project will be an inclusive partnership with Michigan’s tribal communities, as the Mnomen is an at-risk native plant and traditional food for the Anishinaabek community.

Project Team: Selena Smith, Kerstin Barndt, Nathan Sheldon, Tony Kolenic, David Michener, Michael Kost and Roger LaBine