Alumni kudos!

Kudos to… Andrew Gurstelle  (MSP09) celebrated a five-year milestone a few months ago as the director of the Museum of Anthropology at Wake Forest University. During this time, he has used what he learned from MSP to grow the university’s student engagement program from just a handful of class visits each year to more than fifty. He has also worked to increase the number of interns working at the museum so that now the majority of exhibits are curated by students. Re-centering the museum’s mission on student engagement demonstrated the value of its core collections and exhibits to the university’s administration, and this led to the decision to move the museum to a larger and completely remodeled space on campus.  Outside of the museum, Andrew was able to increase the offering for a course called “Introduction to Museum Studies,” and it is now a core part of a revitalized Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies minor.