Museum Studies: 2022

  • Fall reception
    Fall welcome reception at the Michigan League.
  • KB and RAS
    Director, Kerstin Barndt, and founding Director, Ray Silverman.
  • Accessibility
    Susan Rowley and Bridget Callahan discuss accessibility issues in their presentation, Museum Collections: Considering Access & Transparency through Visible Storage.
  • DHM students
    Katie Kasperian, Charlotte Juergens, and Hayley Crowell at the Detroit Historical Museum.
  • DHM
    Site visit to the Detroit Historical Museum.
  • West
    Taylor West presents information about her internship completed at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
  • RMC
    Behind the scenes at the Research Museum Center.
  • MSP at 20 directors
    20 years of MSP leadership: Deirdre Hennebury, Kerstin Barndt, Bradley Taylor, Margaret Hedstrom, Carla Sinopoli, Ray Silverman.
  • MSP at 20 panel
    MSP@20 alumni panel discussion with Marissa Szpytman (MSP12), Andrew Gurstelle (MSP09), Rebecca Bloom (MSP14), Lisa Cakmak (MSP04), and Ray Silverman.
  • Krmpotich lecture
    Visiting scholar, Cara Krmpotich, delivers her keynote speech, “The Seduction, Refusal, and Retention of Universality in Collections Care.”
  • Krmpotich Crowell
    Visiting scholar, Cara Krmpotich, and Hayley Crowell.
  • MSP at 20 reception
    MSP 20th anniversary celebration with Cait Dyche (MSP18), Margaret Hedstrom, Mark Ramirez (MSP19), Bradley Taylor, Amy Smola, Ferran Barenblit.
  • Symposium dinner 1
    MSP 20th anniversary celebration with Marisa Szpytman (MSP12), Richard Bachmann (MSP20), Helen Dixon (MSP07), Andrew Gurstelle (MSP09), Rebecca Bloom (MSP14), and Ray Silverman.
  • MSP22 at DIA
    MSP22 cohort assembles for a tour at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Ransom Tracey bb
    Kimberly Ransom and Pelle Tracey co-present about their internship experiences.
  • Capstone Marshall Fredericks
    Students Hannah Edwards, Charlotte Juergens, and Shiyuan Wang give their Capstone presentation on their work at the Marshal Fredericks Sculpture Garden
  • Capstone Bixby
    Students Basmah Arshad, Hayley Crowell, and Katie Kasperian engage with the marionettes from the Bixby Trust Collection during their Capstone project.
Fall welcome reception at the Michigan League.
Fall welcome reception at the Michigan League.

Visual souvenirs from the twentieth cohort of the Museum Studies graduate certificate program.