Manager of Digital Assets, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (Ann Arbor, MI)

The Manager of Digital Assets is primarily responsible for managing the Kelsey databases and other digital assets. In collaboration with the Collection Manager and with the UM Library Digital Content and Collections service, the successful candidate will work to improve the searchability and accessibility of the Kelsey information. The initial position focus will be to oversee the complete overhaul of the artifact database (Collective Access) including general data entry, integration of external specialist databases, and coordination with the UM Library on the management and distribution of the online database and digital archives. This may include liaising with external software and hardware vendors on maintenance, system upgrades, data migrations, and deployment of new features and other informatics and technology practitioners and groups across the museum, library, and LSA IT support units. The successful candidate will assume responsibility for database functionality, staff training, and other tasks to ensure technical and procedural protocols are efficient. An important future priority will be to redesign and improve the front-end interface of the database for users outside the museum. Additionally, this position supports the Collection Manager in overseeing the safe and secure storage and usage of the Museum’s collections and archives. It also manages the paper and photographic archive, with particular emphasis on digitizing and disseminating the Kelsey archival holdings. Interfaces with other archives and libraries on campus.

Summary of major duties:

50% Digital Assets management:

  • Develop and implement a plan to overhaul the Kelsey artifact database
  • Work with Faculty Curators and Collections Manager to identify appropriate database structure and accurate object records:
    • Integration and extension of specialist databases (eg coins)
    • Integration and supervision of current and legacy excavation databases
  • General data entry, with the help of students, supervising and hiring temps and students
    Interfacing with the Library on the management and distribution of the online database and digital archives20% Archive management:
  • Overseeing digitization of the Kelsey archive
  • Ensuring the physical preservation of the paper archive, with the help of Conservation
  • Interfacing with the UM Library to distribute the digitized archives30% Collections and exhibition management:
  • Improving and extending photographic and 3D coverage of artifacts
  • Supporting collection management as needed for Exhibitions, Conservation, Education and Research
  • Supporting educational access for classes


Required Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree in Digital Humanities, Library Science, Information Science, Art and Archaeology, or a related subject, with a minimum of 3 years of experience in digital asset and cultural collections management systems. Candidates should have experience working with operating systems relevant to collection management. Candidates should have experience working with museum collections, esp. archaeological objects and archives, as well as with best practices for collections management including exhibitions, research, proper artifact handling and housing, and cataloging including computerized collections records. Candidates will also have experience managing the work of others, and working with databases (Collective Access). Candidates should have exceptional communication and collaborative skills, and should be detail-oriented, with ability to work independently on multiple projects.

Desired Qualifications

An advanced degree in the relevant fields. Applicants familiar with Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Ancient Middle Eastern or Islamic collections will be given higher preference.

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