Student Testimonials

The experiences  and information learned throughout the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program have enriched the lives of our students in many ways.  Here are a few comments from some of our alumni about the value that the program has added to their proessional lives.

“Thank you again for all your help. I can’t emphasize enough how useful, informative, and relevant the Museum Studies program has been. I deal with many of the topics we discussed at length every day. And in many ways feel more prepared and well-rounded than my peers who only learned skills related to their specific positions.” – Rachel Chamberlain, MSP 14

“Thank you again, I would have never imagined the influence that the MSP on my trajectory here. It has been incredibly influential and I will continue to sing the program’s praises to perspective and current students here at the School of Education!”  – Ben Tupper , MSP 14

“Thank you so much for all of your support and help throughout this journey. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t taken your class in undergrad and ended up in the UMMSP minor and grad program so thanks for everything.” – Alicia Juillet, MSP 14

“The practicum was most valuable in preparing me for a museum position.  It enabled me to learn about a certain kind of museum work that I had not focused on before in an intensive way and helped me gain many new skills and much knowledge to carry into the future.” – Caroline Braden, MSP 13

“I’m a bit flabbergasted by all this at the moment.  This all began as a fun side-project [The Museum of Portable Sound] and has now become the subject of my PhD thesis. I never would have started it without MSP!” – John Kannenberg, MSP 10

“MSP provided me with an intellectual framework to understand the global history of museums, as well as an understanding of how museums operate day-to-day.  The research support and subject expertise I developed as part of MSP prepared me to undertake curatorial work after graduating.” – Elizabeth Harmon, MSP 10

“MSP was a key part of my graduate education that helped me expand my horizons and understanding of the impact scholarship can have for organizations, communities, and public audiences.  It not only helped me gain valuable professional experience through the internship component, but also was the only place where I had the opportunity to intentionally think about how theory translates into practice during graduate school.  This framing still influences the way I approach my work.” – Joseph Cialdella, MSP 09

“I have made unbelievable connections through it [my practicum], and I already sense the importance of listing that experience on my resume for future opportunities.  Most museum curators have only the disciplinary degree and often no museum work by the time they finish graduate school. I have been able to train and work under both arenas, and I can’t imagine a better way to be prepared for the job market.” – Kristine Ronan, MSP09

“My internship experience was truly excellent and I will be forever grateful to the Museum Studies Program for having had that opportunity.  I think the disciplinary grounding combined with the MSP certificate has provided me with necessary academic and practical foundations and also shows prospective employers that I take both fields very seriously.” – Anna Wieck, MSP 09

“I found the site visits very rewarding. It was nice to see behind the scenes at many museums, see how things worked, and be able to make connections with staff and members in the museum field.” – Shannon Schmoll, MSP11

“I think that there is right balance between theory and practice in the Program.  I think the current model of the certificate program in Museum Studies is effective as it provides both theoretical knowledge and gives opportunity for acquiring practical skills.” – Anna Topolska, MSP11

“The experience and connections made during the internship are probably the most valuable for me in preparation for a future position in a museum.” – Christine Efta, MSP08

“My degree has given me the rigorous training I felt I needed to understand the field of educational assessment, and the MSP certificate program provided the museum theory I needed to situate my practice.” – Lea Bullard, MSP08

“LOVED the proseminar and the students I met in my cohort.  The internship experience also changed my life and jumpstarted my career connections!” – Helen Dixon, MSP07

“[I appreciated] the opportunity to meet students from outside of my department who shared my interest in museums and brought so many different perspectives and insights to the program.  Also, coming primarily from an art history / archaeology background, I profited from discussion of the many types of institutions that can be defined as “museums” and their multi-faceted roles in different communities.” – Lydia Herring-Harrington, MSP04