Research Museum Collection Manager – University of Michigan

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) is seeking a Collection Manager of Fungi. The fungarium is part of the larger MICH Herbarium, located at the state of the art Research Museums Center (RMC) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The MICH fungarium develops and maintains fungal collections explicitly for use in research and education and facilitates specimen-based research on campus and at other institutions. EEB has an outstanding, diverse and collaborative group of researchers in evolutionary biology, ecology, and biodiversity science.  The projected start date in Ann Arbor, Michigan is November 2021.

The MICH fungarium contains ~280K preserved fungal specimens, which have been largely digitally databased. The fungarium is extraordinarily strong in North American higher fungi, with, among others, the collections of A. H. Smith (agarics, boletes, and gastromycetes), C. H. Kauffman (agarics), D. Baxter (polypores), R. L. Shaffer (agarics), and R. Fogel (hypogeous fungi). Also prominent are the collections of F. K. Sparrow, which contains mostly specimens of the parasitic genera Physoderma and Urophlyctis as well as a microscope-slide collection of aquatic fungi. The fungarium has recently developed a cryopreserved collection of living zoosporic true fungi which represents the largest collection of chytrid fungi, including hundreds of strains of the amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. The collection manager will also be responsible for curating a collection of ~57K lichen specimens.

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