Part-time Collections Coordinator position, Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry (University of Michigan)

This is a 24-hour/week position with University benefits (pro-rated for 60% FTE). The position is on-going, not temporary or term based.
Responsible for information management of museum collection. Creates and manages descriptive text and photographs or scans collection items for catalog records. Manager of museum’s Past Perfect Collection Database including data entry, updates, corrections and uploading files for the internet version. Backs up system data and coordinates with Dental School IT and Past Perfect Database vendor. Resolves issues with museum’s PastPerfect online web interface, working with Dental School website staff as needed. Trains part-time museum assistants in museum collections management functions, including use of Past Perfect database. 
Performs all museum registration processing for new acquisitions utilizing Past Perfect accession system.  Arranges and receives deliveries, prepares forms and corresponds with donors and U-M Gift-in-Kind processing. Manages museum loan and deaccessioning processes. Reports permanent collection and incoming loan values to Risk Management as needed. Provides searches and reports to Curator to facilitate collection decisions. Provides photo searches and manages and processes image orders of collection. Manages electronic and paper files related to the museum collection. Assists Curator in strategic planning related to collections. Reviews and updates Collection Procedures Manual including forms.
Maintains collection access for all storage (including off-campus storage facility) and exhibition spaces. Supervises access and artifact handling and photography for volunteers, researchers and paid temporary workers.   Arranges access for preventative maintenance at off-site storage. Plans space allocation and creates location codes. Manages all collection movements.
Supports exhibition development goals. Creates artifact and image spreadsheet reports for exhibit planning meetings. Contributes to exhibition planning and reviews exhibit labels for accuracy. Working with Curator and Dental School website managers, coordinates content changes for museum web-pages.
Assesses and reports museum collection preservation needs with periodic inventories and ongoing electronic environmental monitoring. Assists with museum disaster planning and reports problems affecting collections on exhibit or in storage. Reports and may need to take protective action following disasters affecting the collections on-site and off-site. Creates artifact condition reports for incoming loans. Prepares and updates Disaster Response and other collection policy documents with Curator.
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Applications acceptted until March 26.
Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry

Post expires at 5:00pm on Sunday March 26th, 2017