Museums and Social Justice lecture series

From grass roots activists to professional organizations and foundations, museums are being pushed to look both inward and outward to examine and transform themselves into more inclusive and impactful institutions. Internally, a harsh light is being shined on diversity and inclusion within the staffs of many museums and on shortcomings in traditional paths to museum careers. Innovative museums are creating inclusive models for exhibition development and evaluation.  And engaged museum leaders, scholars, and activists are asking museums to more fully commit to their potential to serve as safe spaces for people to gather to discuss and debate difficult topics and events. Externally, museums and activists strive to attract more diverse audiences and make all visitors welcome in spaces often perceived to be elitist or unwelcoming. Others are pushing for greater transparency within museums about the people and politics underlying their exhibitions, as well as their donors and institutional structures.


Social justice and transparency are not new concerns in museums practice or museum studies. However, there is a renewed urgency in today’s political climate and a new generation of activists are working to make change. Speakers in this series will address their work, and the challenges, opportunities and results in expanding the relevance, impact and value of museums in today’s world.


Details for the full series can be found here:  Museums and Social Justice series