Museum Studies: 2005

  • 05_1
    Curators Michel Labrecque (Montreal Botanical Garden) and David Michener (U-M Matthaei Botanical Gardens) discussing museums and botanical gardens.
  • 05_2
    Chris Dempsey, Olga Khroustaleva and Katie Raff presenting their project, Woodward Avenue and Beyond: A History of the Michigan Department of Transportation.
  • 05_4
  • 05_5
    Tom Fitzgerald, Senior VP Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering, at Behind the Magic: The Influence and Impact of Walt Disney and Disneyland.
  • 05_6
    MSP05 students meeting with Director of the U-M Museum of Anthropology, Carla Sinopoli.
  • 05_8
    Director of the Wright Museum of African American History, Christy Coleman, presenting case studies lecture, Conscience, Controversy, and Community.
  • 05_9
    MSP Director, Ray Silverman, engaged in Conversation... about Museums and Community, with senior museum consultant, Elaine Heumann Gurian.

Visual souvenirs from the third cohort of the MSP graduate program.

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