Museum Studies: 2004

  • 04_1
    Shannon Davis presenting the content of an exhibit he developed for GENOME: The Secret of How Life Works at the Detroit Science Center.
  • 04_2
    Museum Consultant, Elaine Gurian, with Ray Silverman (MSP Director) and Brad Taylor (MSP Associate Director).
  • 04_4
    U-M Museum of Art Curator, Carole McNamara, meeting with MSP04 during a site visit to the Museum of Art.
  • 04_5
    U-M Museum of Art Director of Education, Ruth Slavin, sharing the plans for the new wing of the Museum of Art with MSP04.
  • 04_6
    Director of the Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Amy Harris, talking with MSP04 students about the museum's Native American dioramas.
  • 04_7
    MSP Associate Director, Bradley Taylor, and MSP04 students Deirdre Hennebury, Lydia Herring and Diana Mankowski, with The Henry Ford conservator, Mary Fahey.
  • 04_8
    Michael Andre presenting captsone project, Remembering/Reinventing Community: Chene Street, Detroit.
  • 04_9
    Amy Stillman, Associate Professor of American Culture, presenting lecture, Enabling Hawaiian Hula Performance: Tradition and Repatriation of Cultural Patrimony.

Visual souvenirs from the second cohort of the MSP graduate program.

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