March 10 – Toward a “Universal Museum”: A Conversation with Dr. Kojiro Hirose

Tuesday, March 10 at 4:00 pm

Room 130, Tappan Hall (Department of History of Art)

Dr. Hirose is the foremost authority of museum accessibility in Japan. He has worked on the practical study and prevalence of “tactile exhibits,” drawing on his experience of being visually impaired. Rather than simply building a barrier-free museum for the disabled, his goal is developing a “universal museum,” which everyone can enjoy. His study has had a significant impact both within and outside the museum. Dr. Hirose’s advocacy of a universal museum has attracted international attention; he has given lectures throughout the U.S., Germany, and other countries. Please join us for a special presentation by Dr. Hirose followed by what promises to be stimulating conversation on the topic!

Universal Museum