Collections and Library Manager, Air Zoo (Portage, MI)

Position Summary:
To develop and adhere to the Air Zoo’s Collections policy and deliver on all facets of the policy every day. To advocate for and safeguard our collection and make it accessible as possible to the organization and community and advance the use of our artifacts. Through the Air Zoo’s intern program train the next generation to love and protect our collection. Manage library resources toward growing and maintaining a rich library collection for members and the community. To expand and diversify the Air Zoo’s partnerships with museums, government agencies, and other entities that handle micro or macro artifacts.

* Train, schedule, and supervise Collections and Library Interns and Volunteers. Maintain records of team member performance in conjunction with the Talent/Human Resources team.
* Ensure Air Zoo team members are informed and knowledgeable regarding the collection practices, policies, and programs; provide instructions and guidelines to enable staff to perform the functions of their positions while providing a safe environment for all
* Work with Talent/Human Resources Team to recruit and hire as needed
* Lead the accreditation process for the Air Zoo while collaborating with appropriate departments and committees
* Plan and follow the annual Collections departmental budget

Collection Management (on-going):
* Responsible for accessioning, deaccessioning, identifying, classifying, cataloging, researching, digital management, housing, data entry of objects in the museum collection database
* Establish and work with a Collections Committee to review all accessions, deaccessions and loan requests and establish and document best practices for the Air Zoo’s unique collection. Meet regularly with committee to review differing perspectives of our collection

* Apply strong institutional and intimate Air Zoo collections and archives knowledge to receive, process, issue, maintain records and documents relating to the Air Zoo’s permanent and temporary collections. These include, but are not limited to: temporary custody receipts, appraisals, deed of gifts, loan agreements, legal documents, catalog records, condition reports, research records, location records and deaccession records.
* Monitor the care and display of all artifacts collection, storage, and exhibition environments 
* Manage the Institutional Archive. Provide access to Air Zoo staff and community, as appropriate
* Advocate for the collection: Facilitates use of/access to collections and documentation by:

— Serving on special exhibit teams and giving tours of collections o Providing objects as needed/requested for Air Zoo programs and exhibits
— Working with visiting lenders to take most appropriate care of their artifacts while in the museum
— Cultivating relationships with borrowing institutions insuring, that our collections is being maintained and exhibited properly.
— Overseeing installation and de-installation of artifacts with accepted museum best practices
— Serving on Content committee to incorporate artifacts within exhibition-based content and museum interpretations

Collection Management (periodic):
* Develop, maintain, and regularly update the Air Zoo’s Collections policy, approved by the Director of Operations and Exhibits. The policy details the handling of acquisitions, loans, exhibitions, deaccessions, storage, packing and shipping, security of objects in transit, insurance policies, risk management and our unique cataloging process
* Work with all artifact lenders and donors, Director of Operations & Exhibits and Collections committee concerning all acquisitions, and work with exhibition teams on artifact-based needs
* Administer, update, and maintain the Collections management database, Past Perfect. Implement departmental digitization initiatives. Stay current in hardware and software technologies. Recommend needed changes and upgrades to appropriate personnel
* Review contracts, manage loan process, and provide updated AAM Standard Facilities Reports. Provide condition reports for all incoming and out-going artifacts on display and work to protect and monitor the artifacts
* Responsible for packing, shipping, and ensuring all artifacts that are loaned to the Air Zoo, as well as artifacts that are loaned from the Air Zoo to other institutions. Complete all paperwork pertaining to the movement and updates of artifacts
* Secure all collection legal documentation, providing periodic offsite backup and maintain all donor and lender personal and business information in confidential and secure manner
* Lead periodic collections inventory and audit projects. Lead and conduct annual renewal inventory of all objects on loan to and from the Air Zoo
* Oversee the digitization and availability of documents, photographs, and other archival-based resources requested for use in marketing, calendar, and other Air Zoo business applications.

Library Management:
* Oversee maintenance and update Library database
* Responsible for all library donations, processing, and documentation. Oversees and facilitates ongoing acquisition of library resources toward growing and maintaining a rich library collection for members and the community
* Oversee Library operations and volunteers; provide training, projects, and support for library volunteers.

Team Support:
* Work with Director of Operations and Exhibits to establish, review, and enforce policy and procedures in accordance with best practice and legal requirements 
* Work with Director of Operations and Exhibits to prepare and adhere to the Collection Department and Library Budget
* Serve as point person for Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame (MAHOF) nominations; responsible for working with biography preparator; point person for inductees and the MAHOF exhibit; assist with annual MAHOF/SIHOF event
* Work with Education staff whenever appropriate on in-house and outreach activities to external customers and incorporate artifacts into the Air Zoo’s exhibits for more opportunities for dynamic learning
* Cultivate and foster relationships with all internal departments and external museum leaders, museum professionals, lenders, donors, volunteers, and pertinent experts
* Contributes to reports for all Air Zoo Board meetings sharing new collection and library initiatives
* Invest in the success of the Air Zoo by being fearlessly innovative and pitching new creative ideas and concepts.
* Dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as part of the Air Zoo’s commitment to a welcoming environment for all
* Other duties and special projects as assigned

Complete details and application instructions can be found here.