Interdisciplinary Call for Papers – Resilience and Archaeology: Human Response to Past Hardship

The Archaeological Review from Cambridge (ARC) invites a wide range of perspectives aiming at interdisciplinary research of interest to those engaged in a variety of fields. ARC is currently seeking submissions to explore the concept of resilience and how it can contribute to a better understanding of the past, particularly as to the study of change and transformation. Resilience is a dynamic process within a given system that links a set of adaptive capacities to a trajectory of functioning and adaptation after a disturbance. It is also an interdisciplinary framework useful to explore social, cultural, economic, and ecological changes at different magnitudes and at different systemic and spatial scales.

To register interest, please send an email to by July 10th 2020.  Contributions are welcome from researchers at any stage of their academic career and from all related disciplines. Papers of no more than 4000 words should be submitted by August 24th 2020 for publication in April 2021.

The ARC is a full peer-reviewed biannual academic journal of archaeology. It is managed and published on a non-profit, voluntary basis by postgraduate researchers in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Rooted primarily in archaeological theory and practice, ARC invites a wide range of perspectives from a variety of disciplines.  All papers are published Open Access. Further information on the ARC, including submission guidelines, may be found in the attached document or at