Student Success

Since MSP admitted its first cohort in 2003, more than 100 students have completed the Museum Studies Certificate. The chart below includes information on the current placement of the 88 MSP Certificate graduates who have also completed their Masters, Ph.D., MFA, or J.D. degrees.

Students enter the MSP certificate program with many different interests and career goals. Some seek careers in museums; some in academia; and others in K-12 education, libraries and archives, non-profit art organizations, and for-profit companies and firms. Whatever their goals, students have found pursuing the certificate a rewarding and productive experience that has helped them to clarify and prepare to meet their career goals. Today, 26 of our graduates hold teaching appointments in universities; 16 work in a variety of capacities in museums; and 8 are employed in libraries or archives.


[graph revised Aug 2016]


Quotes from Our Graduates

LOVED the proseminar and the students I met in my cohort. The internship experience also changed my life and jumpstarted my career connections.

I found the site visits very rewarding. It was nice to see behind the scenes at many museums, see how things worked, and be able to make connections with staff and members of the museum field….My internship at the Adler Planetarium in particular solidified my desire to work in museums.

I loved the proseminar—it was great to talk with others who had a great enthusiasm for museums, to share our knowledge and points of view on the readings and museum site visits.

What Our Graduates Are Doing

Please visit the kudos section of our web site to see what our graduates are doing. Here are a few highlights:

Aimee Von Bokel
MSP08, PhD American Culture, 2013

Aimee is Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow of Museum Studies at New York University.

Shannon Schmoll
MSP11, PhD Astronomy and Astrophysics and Education, 2013

Shannon is Director of the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University.

Emma Wolman
MSP09, MSI, School of Information, 2010

Emma is a Digital Assets Manager at the Portland Art Museum.

Lisa Cakmak
MSP04, PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology, 2009

Lisa is working as the Assistant Curator of Ancient Art at the St. Louis Art Museum.