Elective Courses

The following is a list of courses offered during the last three years at U-M that might serve as cognates for the Certificate in Museums Studies. Some of these are offered yearly, others irregularly. Students are advised to consult the UM schedule of courses to ascertain when courses are offered.

This is a partial list. If there is a course that does not appear on the list that may be an appropriate cognate, students are advised to present the course for consideration to the Director of the MSP by completing the second half of the Cognate Enrollment Form available on the Museum Studies CTools site.

Examples of Elective Courses
Course Name
ANTHRCUL 458 Political Violence and Historical Memory
ANTHRCUL 496/497 Museum Techniques in Anthropology
ANTHRCUL 675 Topics in Cultural Linguistics: Representing Language: Media and Documentation
AAPTIS 592 Constructions of Collective Memory and Identity: Readings in Theory and Practice
ARCH 509 Theorizing Place
BA 519 Managing the Nonprofit Organization
LHC 509 Law of Intellectual Property
COMM 478 Visual Communication
EDUC 642 Philosophy and Politics of Education
ENGLISH 549 Graphic Narrative
ENG 477 Principles of Visual Reality
GERMAN 499 Seminar in German Studies: The Aesthetics of the Visual
HISTORY 600 Archives and Records
HISTART 406 Exhibiting Africa: Representation of the Continent and Its People
HISTART 407 Introduction to Museum Practice
LAW 846 Nonprofit Law and Policy
MUSMETH 406 Museum Methods
NRE 581 Advanced Environmental Education
NRE 589 Ecological Restoration
PUBPOL 587 Public Management
PUBPOL 672 Managing Non-Profit Organizations
SI 504* Social Systems and Collections
SI 515 Material Culture and the Interpretation of Objects
SI 581 Preserving Information
SI 620 Collection Development and Management
SI 621 Ethics, Values, and Information Dilemmas
SI 629 Access Systems for Archives
SI 637 Seminar on Archives and Institutions of Social Memory
SW 654 Concepts and Techniques of Citizen Participation

*course not applicable for SI students

Fall 2018 sample elective options