Doctoral Research

Through the “Fellowship for Doctoral Research on Museums,” the Museum Studies Program provides funding to doctoral students who have completed the Graduate Certificate whose research addresses issues on or about museums. Contributions by several of our fellowship awardees are included among the MSP working papers. Since the fellowship was initiated in 2008, the following students have received support for their research:

Luciana Aenasoiae
MSP08, Anthropology and History
Voices of the Living: Memory in Romanian History and Anthropology Museums
Christopher Berk
MSP07, Anthropology, PhD awarded 2014
Building Bodies in the Australian Periphery: The Enactment of Aboriginality in Tasmania
Clara Cahill
MSP09, Education
Zydeco: Fostering Seamless Connections between the Classroom and the Museum
Courtney Cottrell
Playing Indian, Playing Expert: Contemporary Performances of Expertise among German Indian Hobbyists
Morgan Daniels
MSP06, Information, PhD awarded 2014
Learning from Museum Collections: The Creation of New Knowledge from Old Data
Christine DeLisle
MSP05, History and Women’s Studies, PhD awarded 2008
Civilizing the Guam Museum
Sarah Gothie
MSP09, American Culture
Gardens of Innocence and Experience
Andrew Gurstelle
MSP09, Anthropology
Sacred Trees of the Savè Hills Cultural Landscape
Deirdre Hennebury
MSP04, Architecture, PhD awarded 2014
An Investigation of the Urban, Architectural and Exhibit Designs of the Tate Museums, Millbank and Liverpool
Ipek Kaynar Rohloff
MSP04, Architecture, PhD awarded 2009
Aligning Museum Building Projects with Institutional Goals: A Visitor-Experience Centered Approach
Keun Young Kim
MSP06, Anthropology
Multiculturalism and Museums in China
Kelly Kirby
MSP05, Anthropology, PhD awarded 2014
Doors Opening: Clothing, Conversation, and Closets in the Michigan African Diaspora Communities
Hima Mallampati
MSP05, IPCAA, PhD awarded 2010
Acquiring Antiquity: Plunder, Provenance and Policy in Museums
Justin Meyer
People, Places, and Art Museums
Ricardo L. Punzalan
MSP08, Information, PhD awarded 2013
Challenges and Barriers to Virtual Reunification: The Case of the Dispersed Ethnographic Images of Dean C. Worcester
Aimee Von Bokel
MSP08, American Culture, PhD awarded 2013
Two Museums, One Story: The Lower East Side Tenement Museum and the Weeksville Heritage Center