Any student with a bachelor’s degree who is currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Michigan, or who has received a graduate degree from an accredited institution in the last five years, may apply for admission to the Program.

Students enrolled in a U-M graduate degree program pursue the Certificate in Museum Studies as a second or dual degree. Students already enrolled in a Rackham or non-Rackham graduate degree program must complete at least one term before applying. Additional information about Rackham Dual Degree and Certificate programs may be found in the Graduate School Academic Policies.

Please submit the following materials:

  1. Application form
    • The Museum Studies Program is administered by Rackham Graduate School. Students already pursuing a graduate degree in a Rackham program at U-M must submit an Application for Dual Degree/Program. There is no application fee. For item 9 on the form, supply the following information:
      • Program of Application: Museum Studies
      • Numeric code: 01690
    • Students already pursuing a graduate degree at U-M in a non-Rackham program must create an online account in ApplyWeb before completing the Rackham Graduate Program Application. There is a $75 application fee for US citizens and permanent residents. For “Graduate Program Information,” supply the following information:
      • Intended Graduate Program: Museum Studies Certificate
      • Numeric Code: 01690
    • Students who are not currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at U-M, but who have received a graduate degree from an accredited institution within the last five years, and are applying to only the MSP must seek admission to Rackham Graduate School, following the procedure above. Please contact the Museum Studies Program office ( if you have questions about the application process.
  2. Transcripts of all post-secondary work (for current students, unofficial transcripts are fine).
  3. Statement of purpose: A statement of 500-1000 words that addresses the reason(s) you are interested in the Certificate in Museum Studies, how the certificate program relates to the degree program you are currently pursuing (or have recently completed), your previous experience in museums (and related institutions), and your career plans.
  4. Personal statement:  Brief statement (no more than 500 words) addressing how your personal background and life experiences, including social, cultural, familial, educational, or other opportunities or challenges, motivated your decision to pursue the Museum Studies certificate.
  5. Current curriculum vitae.
  6. Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from your academic advisor or chair of the degree program in which you are (or were) enrolled. For current Rackham students who are completing the dual degree form, only the letters are required.  Letters may be submitted by your recommender as hard copy or emailed to  For non-Rackham students applying through the online Rackham system, please follow the recommendation process which requires a letter and form from each recommender.

Applicants who are already pursuing a U-M graduate degree within a Rackham department should send ALL of their materials, including the Application for Dual Degree/Program, to the Museum Studies Program. Application materials may be submitted as hard copy or emailed to The Museum Studies Program office will route the appropriate materials to Rackham and the applicant’s home department.

Applicants who are not currently enrolled in a graduate program within a Rackham department should follow the instructions above to electronically submit all of their materials directly to Rackham.

Students must commit to enrolling in the two-semester proseminar for the academic year following admission to the program. The proseminar is scheduled for the evenings of the Fall and Winter semesters. In addition, students enrolled in the proseminar will be expected to participate in museum site visits. Three all-day visits will be scheduled for Fridays during each semester.

It is recommended that students meet with the Program’s Director, Carla Sinopoli, prior to applying to the program.

** Application deadline for the 2018-19 school year is February 24, 2018 **