“Division, Commonality, Encounter” – upcoming exhibition and reception

Please join MSP06 alum, Alison Byrnes Rivett, who has partnered with other artists to create an exhibition, “Division, Commonality, Encounter.”  This exhibition will be held at the Scarab Club in Detroit from January 10 – February 15.  There will be an opening reception on January 10 from 5-8pm, and a gallery talk on January 30 at 6pm.


This exhibition, Division, Commonality, Encounter, brings together the work of four artists who focus on fundamental human needs and desires. This show tells a story about how people unite and divide themselves in many ways, and how struggle can form community and transform into hope, even as human beings persist in their attempts to categorize and order a disorderly world. Each of the four artists is informed by their own experience of migration, movement among places, and living in different communities and societies. The artists’ own movements and life experiences and their encounters with diverse communities and societies have shifted their focus toward this story of humans finding their place in the world and among each other. While working in a variety of media, all of the artists are united by the strong linear quality of their work. The importance of the line, whether in the expression of minute detail, the training of thread and stitching, or the scrolling lines which connect people to their desires and illustrate the human encounter with the natural world, draws the viewer through the exhibition. The linear pull through the artists’ works visually expresses the narration of individual stories and the connections between the stories each artist tells.


Additional details about this exhibition can be found here.