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Experts speak. Colleagues discuss. Students engage . . . and have fun. The Video and Photo Galleries offer a window into some of the many memorable events and activities organized by the Museum Studies Program. Topical colloquia, lectures in our Issues in Museum Studies series, and the annual Whitesell Lectures feature prominent scholars and practitioners who examine a wide range of current issues facing the museum world. Our video offerings convey the range of ideas and interests explored within the Museum Studies Program. The slide shows take you inside the world of our students, visually documenting their work and the social life of the program.

Tactics for the Anthropocene: Not an Alternative

Not An Alternative is a NY-based collective that works at the intersection of art, activism, and critical theory. The group has a mission to affect popular understandings of histories, symbols, and institutions through the occupation and redeployment of popular vernacular, semiotics and memes. Not...