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Experts speak. Colleagues discuss. Students engage . . . and have fun. The Video and Photo Galleries offer a window into some of the many memorable events and activities organized by the Museum Studies Program. Topical colloquia, lectures, and workshops about issues in museum studies feature prominent scholars and practitioners who examine a wide range of current issues facing the museum world. Our video samples convey the range of ideas and interests explored within the Museum Studies Program. The photos take you inside the world of our students and scholars, visually documenting their work and the life of the program.

A Swift Death and Steady Resurrection: Salvage Anthropology and U.S. Museums

Samuel J. Redman presents – A Swift Death and Steady Resurrection: Salvage Anthropology and U.S. Museums (March 2019)

This presentation explores salvage anthropology, a movement spurred by threats of extinction faced by indigenous societies that brought millions of material culture objects into museums.  As a result, questions have arisen for museums such as what to do with stolen artifacts, stolen knowledge, and...

Using Racist Memorabilia to Teach Tolerance and Promote Social Justice: the Case of the Jim Crow Museum

The Jim Crow Museum is the nation’s largest publicly accessible collection of racist artifacts. Located on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, the museum houses more than 12,000 objects—primarily, but not exclusively, segregation era artifacts and everyday anti-black caricatured objects....