Award – Washtenaw County Historical Society

Pauline Walters Memorial Award (Washtenaw County Historical Society)

Established June 2016 in memory of Pauline Walters, Pauline Walters served the Washtenaw

County Historical Society for many years in various capacities including good will ambassador,

Corresponding Secretary, Membership Chairperson, and President.


Maximum award amount $500

All submissions must be postmarked by April 1, 2017


Purpose of the Award:

This award supports the mission of the Washtenaw County Historical Society, which is “

educate and inspire our community to engage in preservation and presentation of Washtenaw

county history.”


The award is open to any individual or organization with a project meeting these criteria.

To apply, submit a maximum 2 page proposal outlining your project, how it supports the mission,

how the money will be used and a time line for project completion.


The winner(s) of the award will be presented to the public at the WCHS annual meeting in May at

which time the winner(s) should be prepared to give a short presentation about the winning



Please send your proposal to:

Washtenaw County Historical Society

Attn: Award Committee

P.O.Box 3336

Ann Arbor, MI 48I06-3336

Post expires at 5:00pm on Saturday April 1st, 2017