Interdisciplinarity. Theory and practice. An applied theory program.

Today’s museums are dynamic institutions playing increasingly important roles in the communities they serve. In addition to being a place for collecting, preserving, studying and exhibiting “things,” museums have become vital arenas for learning, exploring and negotiating the complex relationships that people have with the social and natural environments in which they live.

At the University of Michigan, students engage with museums in their seemingly infinite variety and from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws upon a rich body of museum-focused scholarship and cultural theory derived from multiple academic disciplines.

Course work for the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies emphasizes both theory and application and includes campus-based proseminars/lecture courses, elective courses from a variety of fields, and internships, where the museum itself becomes the site of learning.

The Museum Studies Program provides outstanding opportunities to engage intellectually, professionally, and interpersonally with the world of museums.